DSpace is the most popular institutional repository software system in the world. Originally created by the MIT Libraries and Hewlett-Packard, DSpace is now managed by the DuraSpace foundation, which coordinates open-source development by the community. 


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SafeArchive allows collaborating institutions to monitor and provision peer-to-peer replication. Through their institutional repositories such as the Dataverse Network System digital library system or DSpace;  LOCKSS  and TRAC. 


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Simile Widgets

Simile Widgets is an open-source “spin-off” from the original Simile Project, initiated by CSAIL and the MIT Libraries, and now maintained by the open source community. The current projects comprise open-source web widgets, mostly for data visualizations and includes Exhibit and Timeline


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UNF: Universal Numeric Fingerprints

The UNF software produces universal numeric fingerprints (semantic cryptographic hashes) for digital objects that are immutable to format. It has been incorporated into the Dataverse Network System.


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