Publications by Year: 2010

Altman M, Mann TE, McDonald MP, Ornstein NJ. Principles for Transparency and Public Participation in Redistricting. [Internet]. 2010. Publisher's VersionAbstract
Scholars from the Brookings Institution and the American Enterprise Institute are collaborating to promote transparency in redistricting. In January 2010, an advisory board of experts and representatives of good government groups was convened in order to articulate principles for transparent redistricting and to identify barriers to the public and communities who wish to create redistricting plans. This document summarizes the principles for transparency in redistricting that were identified during that meeting.
Altman M, McDonald MP. The Promise and Perils of Computers in Redistricting. Duke J Const Law Pub Poly [Internet]. 2010;5 :69–159. Publisher's VersionAbstract
Since the 1960's, computers have been regularly promoted as both the salvation of redistricting and as a strong corrupting force. On one hand, computing has been proposed as a way to remove human bias from the process of drawing electoral lines through automation and to detect gerrymanders through geographical and statistical analysis. On the other hand, computers have been accused of enabling redistricting authorities to effortlessly achieve any nefarious goals. The reality is more complex.