Micah Altman

Micah Altman

Micah Altman

Director of Research, Center for Research on Equitable and Open Scholarship
Director of Research, MIT Libraries
Head/Scientist, Program on Information Science
E36-6104 (105 Broadway)
p: 5854664224

Dr. Micah Altman is Director of Research  for the Center for Research on Equitable and Open Scholarship (CREOS), and Head/Scientist, Program on Information Science for the MIT Libraries, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Previously Dr. Altman served as a Non-Resident Senior Fellow at The Brookings Institution, and at Harvard University as the Associate Director of the Harvard-MIT Data Center, Archival Director of the Henry A. Murray Archive, and Senior Research Scientist in the Institute for Quantitative Social Sciences.

Dr Altman conducts work primarily in the fields of information science, social science. His work combines  theoretical perspectives from computer science, law and economics; using social-scientific approaches to observational-, field- and simulation- research design; with methods for causal inference; quantitative statistical estimation; as applied to data generated through crowd-sourcing, simulation, field-experiments, and data-mining -- as well as traditional approaches. Dr. Altman's current research portfolio foruses on the dissemination, preservation, reliability and governance of scholarly knowledge and government information -- and to issues of participation, ethics, and equity related to these knowledge systems.

Dr. Altman has authored over 80 articles; a half-dozen open source software packages; and three books and monographs. These have been published in leading outlets such as Nature, Political Analysis, Political Geography, The Journal of Statistical Software, The National Academies Press,The Washington Post, and dozens of other professional journals; and span the fields of information science, statistics, computer science, political science, law, history, and geography.  His books correct common computational errors made across the range of social sciences, and articulate principles for data management and dissemination. Dr. Altman's work has been recognized with awards from professional organizations, research grants from a spectrum of funders, citations by the U.S. Supreme Court, and coverage by national and regional media.

Dr. Altman currently serves on the editorial boards forSocial Science Computer Review; and Statistical Associates Publishers; on the technical advisory boards of Force11 and The Qualitative Data Archive; on the steering committee for the Data-Preservation Alliance for Social Science;  and on scientific review study sections, boards and panels for numerous foundations, fedeeral agencies, and non-profits.  He has served as chair of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance ; on the boards of directors for ORCID and iSolon;  on the board for the American Political Science Association’s section on Information technology and politics; and the editorial boards of The American Journal of Political Science.

Dr. Altman work has been lauded with the 2018 Brown Democracy Medal, the  2013 Antonio Pizzigati Prize for Software in the Public Interest, from the Tides Foundation; with the 2012 Data Innovation Award for Social Impact from O’Reilly Strata; by  the 2012 Outstanding Software Development in Information Technology and Politics Award from the American Political Science Association; as a 2011 Top Policy Innovation by Politico; placed  2nd in the 2011 Govfresh Awards for best use of open source; won the 2009 Best Political Science Research Software Award, received the 2009 Best Political Science Research Software Award, the 2005 Best Political Science Software Award,  the 1999 Best Political Science Research Website Award, and 1998 Weaver Award, given by the American Political Science Association (ITP, CMS, and Elections and Representation Sections),  and received a 1999 Outstanding Dissertation Award, given by the Western Political Science Association, for best dissertation.

Dr. Altman earned a Ph.D. in Social Science from the California Institute of Technology, and conducted his postdoctoral research at Harvard University. Prior to studying social science, Dr. Altman worked as a software engineer in "Silicon Valley" developing software, courses, teaching and consulting on the subject of high-performance computing.

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