Digital Preservation

Gallinger M, Bailey J, Cariani K, Owens T, Altman M.
Trends in Digital Preservation Capacity and Practice: Results from the 2nd Bi-annual National Digital Stewardship Alliance Storage Survey
. D-Lib [Internet]. 2017;23(7/8).
Research and practice in digital preservation requires a solid foundation of evidence of what is being protected and what practices are being used. The National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA) storage survey provides a rare opportunity to examine the practices of most major US memory institutions. The repeated, longitudinal design of the NDSA storage surveys offer a rare opportunity to more reliably detect trends within and among preservation institutions rather than the typical surveys of digital preservation, which are based on one-time measures and convenience (Internet-based) samples. The survey was conducted in 2011 and in 2013. The results from these surveys have revealed notable trends, including continuity of practice within organizations over time, growth rates of content exceeding predictions, shifts in content availability requirements, and limited adoption of best practices for interval fixity checking and the Trusted Digital Repositories (TDR) checklist. Responses from new memory organizations increased the variety of preservation practice reflected in the survey responses.  

"Repositories for Software in Research and Scholarship: An Environmental Scan” at the Software Preservation Forum

Aug 01, 8:00am to 5:00pm


Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

Dr Altman will present joint research with intern Lucy Taylor on "Repositories for Software in Research and Scholarship: An Environmental Scan” at the 2016 Software Preservation Network Forum



Brown Bag: Issues in Curating the Open Web at Scale - with Gary Price

Sep 20, 12:00pm to 1:00pm



Much of the web remains invisible: resources are undescribed, unindexed or simply buried --  as many people rarely look past the first page of Google searches or are unavailable from traditional library resources.

At the same time many traditional library databases pay little attention to quality content from credible sources accessible on the open web.

How do we build collections of quality open-web resources (i.e. documents, specialty databases, and multimedia) and make them accessible to individuals and user groups when and where they need it?

Computer Simulation of Long-Term Preservation Risks at IPres 2015

Nov 03, 10:00am


University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Dr Altman will present on simulating risk to digital preservation at IPres 2015 to be held at UNC-Chapel Hill.


We develop a discrete event-based simulation to evaluate risks of collection loss due to correlated and uncorrelated low and high-level threats. And we examine how replication, auditing, compression, encryption, and institutional diversification ameliorate this risk. 


Registration is available through the the conference website :

Presentations at the Third Annual New England National Digital Stewardship Alliance Regional Meeting

Sep 25, 10:00am to 11:00am


UMass Dartmouth

Dr Altman will present on "How many copies is enough? Using computer simulation to select hardware, replication and auditing strategies.” Third Annual New England National Digital Stewardship Alliance Regional Meeting


Registration is available through the the NENDSA Website :

DMCA §1201 and Video Game Preservation Institutions: A Case Study in Combining Preservation and Advocacy

Feb 11, 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Location: E25-131 Conference

Archival institutions and libraries are often on the front lines of battles over ownership of digital content and the legality of ensuring copies are preserved. How can institutions devoted to preservation use their expertise to advocate for users? Kendra Albert, formerly of the team, discusses her work with librarians and archival institutions on a Digital Millennium Copyright Act §1201 exemption proposal for video games..

The 2014 National Agenda for Digital Stewardship – What Works in Digital Preservation, and What is Needed -- CNI Member Meeting

Dec 09, 10:00am to 12:00pm

Dr Altman in collaboration with Michelle Gallinger & Trevor Owens (Library of Congress) will present a briefing at the CNI Member Meeting on the 2014 National Agenda for Digital Stewardship.