Publications by Year: 2009

Altman M, Beecher B, Crabtree J. A Prototype Platform for Policy-Based Archival Replication. Against the Grain [Internet]. 2009;21:44–47. Publisher's VersionAbstract
This work is conducted by the Data Preservation Alliance for the Social Sciences (Data-PASS). We seek to acquire and preserve data at-risk of being lost to the research community, such as opinion polls, voting records, large-scale surveys, and other social science studies; develop joint best practices for data preservation; and develop open shared infrastructure for digital preservation.
Gutmann M, Abrahamson M, Adams MO, Altman M, Arms C, Bollen K, Carlson M, Crabtree J, Donakowski D, King G, et al. From Preserving the Past to Preserving the Future: The Data-PASS Project and the challenges of preserving digital social science data. Library Trends [Internet]. 2009;57:315–337. Publisher's VersionAbstract
The importance of long-term access to and preservation of data for research and educational use is now widely recognized. In addition, the Federal Records Act covers data records created by federal agencies or their contractors, and requires a plan for their long-term disposition. Good practice is clear – data producers should plan for archiving of data early, so that data are available for future research and policy analysis. The successes of the Data-PASS project reflect the importance of building a partnership that drew together experienced digital archives to identify, acquire, curate, and preserve a broad range of digital content. The partnership enabled us to agree on standards, work together on technology, and share the responsibility for identifying, acquiring, and preserving the content in our field of activity. The tangible result is a significant amount of digital content preserved, which constitutes one of the core goals of the NDIIPP program. Perhaps more importantly, the partnership showed a way toward the future of digital preservation, which has been an even more fundamental goal of NDIIPP. Data-PASS demonstrated how to preserve an ever-larger share of digital social science data, and to do so in a structure that is sustainable for the very long term.
Altman M. Funding, Funding. PS: Political Science & Politics [Internet]. 2009;42:521–526. Publisher's VersionAbstract
We show herein how to develop fundable proposals to support your research. Although the proposal strategy we discuss is commonly used in successful proposals, most junior faculty (and many senior scholars) in political science and other social sciences seem to be unaware of it. We dispel myths about funding and discuss how to find funders and target funding programs. We then outline how to write a proposal and detail how to respond to reviews.
Altman M. Transformative Effects of NDIIPP, the Case of the Henry A. Murray Archive. Library Trends [Internet]. 2009;57:338–351. Publisher's VersionAbstract
This article comprises reflections on the changes to the Henry A. Murray Research Archive, catalyzed by involvement with the NDIIPP partnership, and the accompanying introduction of next-generation digital library software.
Altman M, Crabtree J, Donakowski D, Maynard M, Pienta A, Young C. Digital Preservation Through Archival Collaboration: The Data Preservation Alliance for the Social Sciences. The American Archivist [Internet]. 2009;72:170–184. Publisher's Version