Research Affiliate David S. H. Rosenthal joins the Program

April 12, 2017
Research Affiliate David S. H. Rosenthal joins the Program

The program supports undergraduate and graduate internships, research affiliates, research assistants, and postdoctoral fellows. (For more information about internships see this page.).

This semester the program is pleased to welcome David S. H. Rosenthal as a new Research Affiliate. 

Dr. David S. H. Rosenthal recently retired after nearly two decades as Chief Scientist of the LOCKSS (Lots Of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) Program at the Stanford University Libraries, which he co-founded with Vicky Reich.

The LOCKSS Program pioneered the distributed approach to digital preservation, providing open-source software that communities can use to build networks that preserve digital content such as journals, books, web archives, data and digitized collections against a broad range of threats.

Dr. Rosenthal has an M.A. from Trinity College, Cambridge and a Ph.D. from Imperial College, London.  He was part of the IBM-funded Andrew Project at Carnegie-Mellon University, which pioneered campus-wide networking.  As a Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems, he played a major role in developing Version 11 of the X Window System, only now being phased out after 30 years providing the user interface technology for Unix-like systems such as Linux.  He also worked on Sun's GX series of graphics chips, which led to becoming employee #4 and Chief Scientist at NVIDIA, by far the world's most successful graphics chip company.

He has published extensively on computer graphics, operating systems and digital preservation, is a named inventor on 24 US patents, and blogs on digital preservation and scholarly communication.