Fall 2016 Intern Research Projects in Information Science

October 25, 2016

The program supports undergraduate and graduate internships, research affiliates, research assistants, and postdoctoral fellows. (For more information about internships see this page.).

This semester the program is pleased to hosting two new graduate interns, Zachary Lizzee and Caroll Witt.

Zachary Lizee is a graduate student in the Simmons College Library and Information Science program.  Zachary will be graduating in December 2016 with a MS from Simmons.  Zachary wishes to use his experiences as a researcher to aid and facilitate libraries and their staff in increasing information literacy skills and electronic resources skills with the goal of increasing user accessibility and comprehension. Zachary's project focuses on socially responsible information standards instruction for undergraduates.

Carol WItt is  a student at the School of Library and Information Science at Simmons College, from which she will receive her Master of Science in January 2017. Carol’s library interests are in technology and helping to empower people within an academic or research setting. Her research at MIT will focus on identifying ways in which library information systems and architecture can support diverse communities and methods of access.  

We expect this work to lead to be disseminated through blog posts and publications over the course of the semester.