Data Management, Big Data, & Digital Stewardship

The authenticity of public records, the reliability of scientific evidence, and the enduring accessibility to our cultural heritage require tools, methods, policies and infrastructure to ensure that information discoverability, accessibility, and integrity over the long term. Knowledge of ongoing research, practice, and organizational collaborations has been distributed widely across disciplines, sectors, and communities of practice.

The Program on Information Science is engaged in projects and activities aimed at improving the state of the art and practice in data management and digital curation at scale.  And the Program collaborates with the National Digital Stewardship Alliance and other stewardship organizations to develop data management standards and practices.

One project, the SafeArchive system, is a solution for archival storage and replication management. Used by the Data-PASS partners, it is a storage platform for policy-driven, distributed replication of digital holdings. The current version of SafeArchive is a self-contained system that can be installed, used and maintained by institutional staff without technical expertise. The set of open source tools can easily be used by libraries, museums and archives that wish to replicate their own content. 

A second project now in progress is developing a Data Publishing System for Open Access Journals. This will establish a formal linkage between scholarly publications and the underlying research data by integrating the OJS PKP and Harvard Dataverse Network systems.