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Worldmap: A Spatial Infrastructure to Support Teaching and Research (Summary of the September Brown Bag Talk by Ben Lewis)

My colleague,  Ben Lewis,  who is system architect and project manager for WorldMap, created at the Center for Geographic Analysis at Harvard presented this talk  as part of the Program on Information Science Brown Bag Series.  Ben is an expert in GIS systems and platforms and has developed many interesting tools in this area.

10 Simple Steps to Building a Reputation as a Researcher, in Your Early Career

This talk was sponsored by the MIT Postdoctoral Association with support from the Office of the Vice President for Research.

In the rapidly changing world of research and scholarly communications researchers are faced with a rapidly growing range of options to publicly disseminate, review, and discuss research—options which will affect their long-term reputation. Junior scholars must be especially thoughtful in choosing how much effort to invest in dissemination and communication, and what strategies to use.