Archive: January 2014

3D Printing for Fun, Science & Libraries

“Could new Maker Spaces together with a reinforced commitment to learning-by-doing create the next generation of tinkerers, fluent in advanced manufacturing and rapid prototyping techniques?” [1]

Rapid fabrication resonates particularly well with “mens et manus” , the MIT philosophy of combining learning and doing. And Neil Gershenfeld has noted that  MIT has had a long-standing joke that a student is allowed to graduate only when their thesis can walk out of the printer. 

The Future of the Future of Digital Stewardship

In December, my colleagues from NDSA and I had the pleasure of attending CNI to present the 2014 National Agenda for Digital Stewardship and to lead a discussion of priorities for 2015. We were gratified to have the company of a packed room of engaged attendees, who participated in a thoughtful and lively discussion.

For those who were unable to attend CNI, the presentation is embedded below.