Archive: October 2012

Thoughts on Mitigating Threats to Data Quality Throughout the Curation Lifecycle

The workshop report from the UNC Curating for Data Quality workshop, in which I was delighted to participate, is now being made available. It contains many perspectives addressing a number of questions:

Data Quality Criteria and Contexts. What are the characteristics of data quality? What threats to data quality arise at different stages of the data life cycle? What kinds of work processes affect data quality? What elements of the curatiorial process most strongly affect data quality over time? How do data types and contexts influence data quality parameters?

Early Results from Auditing Distributed Preservation Networks

I was pleased to participate in the 2012 PLN Community Meeting.

Over the last decade, replication has become a required practice for digital preservation. Now, Distributed Digital Preservation (DDP) networks are emerging as a vital strategy to ensure long-term access to the scientific evidence base and cultural heritage. A number of DDP networks are currently in production, including CLOCKSS, Data-PASS, MetaArchive, COPPUL, Lukll, PeDALS, Synergies, Data One, and new networks, such as DFC and DPN are being developed.